When did you know that God called you into the ministry?
After running for two years, I heard Him call my name three times. The Lord said, “How long will you run? Now, hear My voice.” Then, I said, “Yes, yes, yes!”

What inspired you to write your life story?
I never knew I would write a book. God began to deal with me about writing after I had been saved for 21 years. He told me that my book would be a blessing to many people and that many would be healed, set free and delivered.  

You’ve have four published books and are working on your fifth now. Did you know you were going to write more than one book? 

Yes I knew about Part 2 of Then and Now, but the others came as God gave them to me.

Were you ashamed to reveal some of those intimate details in your book?
No. Giving my testimony in the book was  something that God told me to do. That really helped me. I just kept 2 Corinthians 5:17 in the forefront of my mind that “Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.” 

I’ve heard that you’ve had several miscarriages. How did you feel about that? Were you angry with God? 

No, I wasn’t angry.  I just felt very hurt, sad, and disappointed. I wondered if it had anything to do with being gang-raped.

As a result of all that you’ve been through, many people ask you how to let go of unforgiveness. What do you tell them?
I live by the Bible. It says to forgive and you shall be forgiven. It is hard to let go of a things that hurt you to the point at which you almost gave up. I am a living witness that you can forgive.

I read in your book that you said God took you to both Heaven and Hell. Tell us about that.
When I went to Heaven I didn’t want to come back it was so beautiful and filled with gold. Hell was very hot and fire was everywhere. I definitely was in a hurry to get out of there and never go back!

I was so happy to get a copy of your book, Surviving Your Worst Fear because I have a fear of flying? You’ve been set free from so many fears. How?
The Bible says that you have nothing to fear but fear itself. Fear is an emotional reaction. God gave us life to live so live it. Flying is good. I had the same fear until God freed me. Remember, when it’s your time to go, it’s your time. It doesn’t matter where you are.  Let the devil know that he is a liar and that you only fear God. 

Speaking of forgiveness, have you ever seen the men that raped you again?
Thankfully, no. I never, ever want to see their faces again. Only God can help you let go of something that devastating. I’m grateful to God for walking me through that process. 

In your latest book, Birthing Pains, you state that you had what we call an out-of-body experience. Explain?
Yes and it was wonderful. I saw the brightest lights and I was doing everything I could to get to those lights. I heard Jesus talking to me. He told me that He is coming back, soon, and to tell His people that. He began to show me so many things. I saw my family sitting all around my bed. Then, Jesus pushed me back and I fell back on the bed. I knew I had to come back to finish what God instructed me to do.

We've been hearing a lot about church hurt. Have you experienced anything like that?
I was hurt in church after someone lied on me. I wanted to leave the church but I stayed. God let me know that everyone that was spreading the lie was as guilty as the one that first told it. Not many days after, the truth came out. And everyone involved asked me to forgive them for believing a big lie.

Birthing Pains deals with hardships. Why do you think God allows wonderful men and woman of God to go through sickness and sometimes never receive healing?
I think that sometimes, the reason has less to do with the sick person and more to do with their loved ones and what it takes for many of them to come to the Lord. Only God knows the way He will take all of us in the end.